What is GroAloe™

GroAloe™ is made of 100% IFOAM certified organic Aloe Vera by a patented process.  The active properties in GroAloe™ allow plants to more efficiently absorb moisture and nutrients from the soil and promotes plant growth and blooms while protecting plants from insects and bacterial pathogens*.

History of GroAloeTM
GroAloe™ comes from years of research by the Grandfather of Aloe Vera, Bill Coats R.Ph.,C.C.N.  Mr Coats is the first to have a commercial plantation in the world, and first to bring Aloe Vera products to the market.
His in depth study has led to various patents which include: Stabilization Process, hand fillet method, and whole leaf
method production of Aloe.
GroAloe™ is the culmination of years of research and a desire to help improve the world's food supply.
Laboratory and Field Trials
Over the last several years laboratory and field trials have taken place overseen by The Indonesian rice Institute IRRI.  GroAloe™ has been put head to head with Multinational petrol chemical companies.  In these test GroAloe™ proved itself by wide margin in its ability to increase crop yield, protect from insects and from plagues which damage rice crops.
The University of Texas A&M has performed laboratory and field trials with cereal crops and citrus crops.


Currently we are testing GroAloe™   on Olive trees, Strawberries, blueberries, Potatoes, Orange trees, roses and in vineyards.

We have had great success in treating Cocoa trees in Indonesia infected with VSD.  Our product worked so well, the Multinational chemical companies walked away from the trials. Trees that were diseased and nonproductive for at least  five years, now yield more cocoa pods than before after 4 months of GroAloe™ treatments.  The Cocoa trees now produce larger and of higher quality coco than ever before.